1. n трудность

without difficulty — без труда

to find difficulty in understanding — с трудом понимать, затрудняться в понимании

to grapple with a difficulty — пытаться преодолеть трудность

optimum degree of difficulty — оптимальная степень трудности

job difficulty — трудность при выполнении рабочего задания

basic difficulty score — базовая оценка трудности упражнения

difficulty requirements — требования к трудности упражнения

2. n препятствие, помеха; затруднение

to be in a difficulty — быть в затруднении, не знать, как поступить

to face difficulties — встретить препятствия, натолкнуться на трудности

to overcome every difficulty — преодолеть все трудности

to remove a difficulty — устранить препятствие

to get round a difficulty — обойти трудность

to make difficulties — чинить препятствия, создавать трудности

to make no difficulty — не чинить препятствий, не возражать

to look for difficulties where there are none — придумывать несуществующие препятствия

solution of a difficulty — выход из затруднения

a little difficulty — незначительное затруднение

to solve a difficulty — найти выход из затруднения

to tide over a difficulty — преодолеть затруднение

to tackle a difficulty — пытаться преодолеть затруднение

3. n материальные затруднения

financial difficulties — финансовые затруднения

income tax difficulties — неприятности, связанные с выплатой подоходного налога

4. n обыкн. амер. разногласия, споры
Синонимический ряд:
1. adversity (noun) adversity; affliction; challenge; cross; misfortune
2. asperity (noun) asperity; hardness; hardship; rigor; rigour; vicissitude
3. clash (noun) clash; conflict; contention; discord; dissension; dissent; dissonance; friction; strife; variance
4. crisis (noun) crisis; emergency; predicament; scrape; straits
5. demur (noun) demur; demurral; demurrer; objection; protest; question; remonstrance; remonstration
6. distress (noun) distress; inconvenience; problems; trouble
7. obstacle (noun) barricade; bother; complication; maze; obstacle; obstruction
8. problem (noun) pitfall; problem; trial
9. quarrel (noun) altercation; beef; bickering; brabble; brannigan; brawl; controversy; dispute; dust; dustup; embroilment; falling-out; feud; fight; fracas; fuss; hassle; imbroglio; knock-down-and-drag-out; miff; quarrel; rhubarb; row; ruckus; run-in; set-to; spat; squabble; squall; tiff
10. reluctance (noun) obstinacy; reluctance; stubbornness; unwillingness
11. worry (noun) dilemma; exigency; fix; knot; mess; misunderstanding; snarl; worry
Антонимический ряд:
aid; blessings; contentment; ease; facility; felicity; flexibility; gratification; pleasure; satisfaction; success

English-Russian base dictionary . 2014.

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  • Difficulty — Dif fi*cul*ty, n.; pl. {Difficulties}. [L. difficultas, fr. difficilis difficult; dif = dis + facilis easy: cf. F. difficult[ e]. See {Facile}.] 1. The state of being difficult, or hard to do; hardness; arduousness; opposed to {easiness} or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • difficulty — [dif′i kul΄tē, dif′ikəl΄tē] n. pl. difficulties [ME & OFr difficulte < L difficultas < difficilis, difficult < dis , not + facilis, easy: see FACILE] 1. the condition or fact of being difficult 2. something that is difficult, as a hard… …   English World dictionary

  • difficulty — [n1] problem; situation requiring great effort adversity, arduousness, awkwardness, barricade, check, complication, crisis, crux, dead end, deadlock, deep water*, dilemma, distress, emergency, exigency, fix*, frustration, hardship, hazard,… …   New thesaurus

  • difficulty — late 14c., from O.Fr. difficulté, from L. difficultatem (nom. difficultas) difficulty, distress, poverty, from difficilis hard, from dis not, away from (see DIS (Cf. dis )) + facilis easy (see FACILE (Cf. facile)) …   Etymology dictionary

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